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PRDs- Not a Tool, but a communication culture
Web 3 is Flawed
I wish I read more non-fiction.
Is your market large enough?
Which Game Is Your Startup Playing?
Your Users are on a Journey with your Product. As a Product Manager you are a Guide
Moving (back) to a Static website, and retaking rank 1 for my name
Stack the bricks with "OK Moments" rather than bet on "Aha moments"
Notes on Note-taking
Hey.com, the Craft of Simplicity and Opinions
Same Amazon Page ranked 1 & 2 on Google
Forget No-Code, the next big wave is Low-Code
Over Achieving Goals Vs Absurd Mythical Goals
9 Things to consider when planning Pricing
The importance of a Community, and the A-R-T Model of growth.
What is Product Management and PMF
What Product Market Fit is not
Getting Started with Azure Functions and their extensions Superpower
Azure Table Storage vs GCP DataStore
The Azure Portal- First Look
Spotify is not the Netflix of Audio, it's the YouTube of audio
Breaking Down Brawl Star's Engagement and Retention Tactics
5 Things You Need Before Building The Product Roadmap
Incentives & Their Effects on Products
Drawing Maps to understand your Organization and the future
Mistakes to avoid when scaling your business
Breaking problems down
Built with Empathy
6 Basic UX principles I self-learned as a Product Manager
Zooming in and Zooming out
Diametrically Opposite Skills
What will it take for India to be a true mobile-base economy?
Cheap, yet Powerful App Analytics using Data Studio, BigQuery and Firebase (or Similar services)
Why Product Managers are not Mini CEO’s
Why Startups are hard
Abundance, Sales & Startups
Counter Metrics & Counter Dimensions
Data from different perspectives
Why did your users churn?
The Product Death Cycle & Its Affect On A Startup
Activation - The Stepchild Metric; I analyzed more than 33K GrowthHackers.com headlines to verify this
Why people Fail
The tale of two Googles
Facebook is the new Cookie, and that is how Google will crumble
The “Do you want to Exit” Pattern must Die!
Going Downhill from “Let’s build it in house”
Eclipse Install error- eclipse JVM terminated. Exit code=13
API Architecture Tips

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