The tale of two Googles

Google is a Goliath, it is one of the largest tech companies which has made an impact to practically everyone who has ever gotten on to the World Wide Web. In fact, it has also changed the internet itself. It Search algorithms decide the etiquette of websites, It brought the Ad-Driven model to every content creator out there, YouTube grew into the video destination of world and Android is bringing a computer to ever pocket.

Driven by the need to execute Moon shots, it has innovated at a breakneck pace and given the world technologies like the self-driving car, Google Fiber, Google Glass and is working on curing “aging” and age-related diseases. I would not even call them 1st world problems, these are problems some of us will have in the future.

Then there is the other Google, one that is working getting the internet to the world with project loon, one that folded a cardboard sheet to give us Google cardboard and a taste of VR & AR and is now working on Accelerated Mobile Pages to speed up the Mobile web, or as some like @jeffjarvis say, save the web.

It is very hard to imagine how a single company can work towards solving both the problems of the future and those created by the past. Some of us might fear it, not trust it or dislike it, but we can’t be not affected by all the Davids working under the Umbrella named Google.

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