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I am an entrepreneur at heart. As a perpetual learner, my career has taken me from being an Android developer to attempting to build various products and startups. On the way, I worked in Mobile Advertising, Podcasting, Media & Marketing Automation industries. Currently I am working at the intersection of Mobile Games, Data Analytics and SaaS at Jambox Games

The only "success" w.r.t my startups was Odiocast, where we were working on making Podcasting simpler, which got acquired by Yourstory within three months of inception. In reality, my experiences have been stepping stones for my understanding of both people and products that serve them.

My current interests lie in Product Management, Analytics, Growth driven by Content & SEO & Community & an eternal love for Entrepreneurship


My (soon to be restarted) podcast is Multiple Lenses, looks at various topics, from different perspectives.

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I hold a Masters in Computer Science from Florida State University & a Bachelors from R.N.S.I.T Bangalore.

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