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Ravi Vyas - About


I am a seasoned technical product manager who has shipped products for developers in advertising, gaming, marketing, analytics, and software supply chain. I have worked on SDKs, developer dashboards, and internal developer tools.

I am an entrepreneur at heart. As a perpetual learner, my career has taken me from being an Android developer to attempting to build various products and startups. Along the way, I have worked in mobile advertising, podcasting, media & marketing automation, mobile games, data analytics, and mobile game publishing. Currently, I am the Lead Product Manager for the Compute Platform at Lowe's. India. I have built a Google Sheets Plugin as a side project StitchIQ, and have also built software for close friends.

My current interests lie in ~Product Management~, Software Supply Chain, Developer Tools, and an eternal love for ~Entrepreneurship.


My (soon to be restarted) podcast is Multiple Lenses, looks at various topics, from different perspectives.

Professional Experience

  • Lead Product Manager - Lowes India
  • Head of Product - Jambox Games
  • Product & Growth Consultant - Various
  • Head of Growth - Arctype
  • Co-founder & CEO – PureMetrics
  • Chief Product Officer – YourStory
  • Co-founder & CEO – Odiocast
  • Co-founder & CEO -PureMetrics
  • VP Product at MoEngage
  • Head of Marketing & Customer Development – MoEngage
  • Product Manager – Vserv
  • Developer Evangelist – Vserv
  • Android Developer – TechJini

Other Activities

  • Founding co-organizer at Blrdroid, a 7000 strong Android Community. [ I am inactive now]

Writing Contributions

  • HackerNoon
  • Product coalition
  • YourStory


I hold a Masters in Computer Science from Florida State University & a Bachelors from R.N.S.I.T Bangalore.

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