Same Amazon Page ranked 1 & 2 on Google

The Reason I find SEO fascinating is there is no easy rule book to find and follow. Side note: I believe If you serve the user right, you will rank higher over time. Back to my main point, I googled for a book and noticed ranked #1 & #2.

The same book on #1 & #2

I knew this sometimes happened when the links linked to different formats of the book, but today that was not the case, both linked to the same book, to the extent, both say I purchased the book.

The Two pages

Here are the links


So I investigated further. It turns out; both have the same canonical URL too

A quick check with Small SEO Tools on the links shows that the content is the same, which you can eyeball frankly

Content is the same

So, it looked like Amazon is sending google bots to different pages, and humans to different pages. To confirm, I just opened the cached versions from Google.

So google bot is indeed going to different pages. Next, I checked the Canonical links to the page.

Google Bots view of the pages

Different Canonical links.

Google Bot Canonical Links

Folks at Amazon is defiantly on the top of the SEO game :). I close with the same line as I started, there is no easy rule book to find and follow for SEO; you need to experiment and find your own rules.

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