Mistakes to avoid when scaling your business

I recently gave a talk at a "She Leads Tech" event hosted by YourStory and Facebook for the women entrepreneurs community, this is the presentation I gave there. 1. Don’t take advice on face valueYour startup is unique, the advice is generally not, especially drive-by advice. Whenever you come up to advice that sounds good, … Continue reading Mistakes to avoid when scaling your business

Breaking problems down

A few weeks ago I read a blog post by Tom Tunguz, which basically split product features into 3: MMRs (minimum market requirements), Differentiators, Neutraliser, which is a brilliant segmentation of product feature. Do read the post. Segmentation Simplifies Segmentation is a very powerful concept in every field. While the concept is popular in the marketing … Continue reading Breaking problems down

Why people Fail

Last month something struck me, something I have been seeing folks do for the last 5 years. It resulted in this tweet: https://twitter.com/ravivyas84/status/673810633737965568 Arrogance or Blindness by Ego The very first is where entrepreneurs get so blinded by their ideas, that they don’t see the lack of traction or the lack of the need in … Continue reading Why people Fail