Getting Started with Azure Functions and their extensions Superpower

This is a part of my “Journey with Azure” series

I have always been fascinated by managed services and serverless computing. It started with my first startup PureMetics, where we used AppEngine and BigQuery to built an Analytics product. Because both AppEngine and BigQuery were fully managed services, A single person (@Abhishek Nandi) was able to build the entire tech for it. Later on when Abhishek & I were building Odiocast, we used other managed services to keep things simple. FireBase, AWS Lambdas and other services allowed us to worry more about the product rather than worry about Devops as a 2 person startup.

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Azure Table Storage vs GCP DataStore

This is a part of my “Journey with Azure” series

So as a part of playing around with Azure, I decided to clone AirMeet’s codebase with Azure as a backend service. Airmeet is currently running on AppEngine with Datastore as a database. The equivalents on the Azure side are AppService with TableStore as the database. Based on that experience here are some of the differences between the two NoSQL key-value stores.

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The Azure Portal: First Look

This is a part of my “Journey with Azure” series, the also the first part of It (and a short one). Expect more in the future as I play around with Azure.

The design makes for very long URLs on the portals side. On the google cloud side, I can go to my Datastore using the following URL:, I can’t do something similar on the Azure side. Anyway, I think it is a pet peeve of sorts and might not be super critical for everyone. Any pet peeve is the portal has issues on Safari, which I use as my Primary browser, thus once in a while, I need to use Firefox.

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